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Since 2000, the company’s executives have started their activities in the field of construction and installation of industrial equipment and metal skeletons, and in 2008 they have been registered with the aim of developing quality in the construction and installation of metal skeleton. In 2011, with the increase of its activities in the field of construction and installation of metal skeletons and niches, the construction of a skeleton metal plant in the Murche Khourt industrial complex in Isfahan with a total area of more than 15,000 square meters The use of advanced machinery and equipment in accordance with international standards To build and install the skeleton of manufacturing construction and construction materials of the highest quality possible.The company has developed its activities in various fields of design, construction and installation of steel structures as follows:

The company has over 90 projects with expertise, skilled and experienced experts with advanced machinery and equipment. More than 20 projects have been manufactured and installed annually with tons of more than 5,000 tons

The most important operations

Construction of 450 tons of structures related to South Pars projects
Construction and installation of a 700-ton teacher building structure located in Zahedan
Construction and installation of 84 block structures of Mehr housing project weighing 2800 tons in Zabol
Construction and installation of 600-ton metal structure of Shahid Motahari non-level intersection in Qazvin
Construction and installation advice
Construction and installation of 1100-ton metal structure of Saeed Abad nonlevel intersection of Tehran highway
Construction of Parsian 3 building project structure with a weight of 400 tons
Construction of Abadan Refinery reactor structure weighing 180 tons
Construction of Royan Research Institute metal structure weighing 1400 tons
Construction and installation of a 400-ton Workers' Stadium structure in Naein
Construction and installation of industrial halls of Isfahan urban train depot weighing 1400 tons